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Wailana Kalama

I'm a travel writer from Hawaii.

Copywriting and content marketing for travel businesses

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Stockholm’s Rune Kingdom | Slow Travel Stockholm

Writer Wailana Kalama spends a day in Stockholm’s Rune Kingdom on the trail of Viking history.

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go overseas

How a Homestay will Benefit your Language Skills - GoOverseas

Considering a Homestay while Studying Abroad? Do it!

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The Invisible Exhibition - Slow Travel Stockholm

The Invisible Exhibition - Slow Travel Stockholm

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Travelling Solo - Surviving Stockholm as a Solo Traveller

Travelling Solo - Just go solo

Viking history in stockholm 3 article

Tracing Viking History in Stockholm - Slow Travel Stockholm

Whether gifted poets or ferocious raiders, Vikings have always had a remarkable reputation to maintain.

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Tours by Smell: A different way to tour a city

You’ve heard of Tasting Tours, maybe you’ve even sampled the cheeses of Paris or gelato of Florence on one. But have you ever had the good olfactory fortune of embarking on a Smelling Tour?

G adventures article

Conscientious Traveler: G Adventures | Willamette International Travel

Welcome back to Conscientious Traveler–our monthly series in which we showcase a fantastic travel organization that supports humanitarian and/or environmental work. January is all about G Adventures!

5 things stockholm article

5 Things You Need to Experience in Stockholm • The Blonde Abroad

Heading to Stockholm for an extended visit? Or maybe biting the bullet and moving? Here are 5 Things beyond the Must-Sees in Stockholm

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Ice Festivals around the World | Willamette International Travel

It’s freezing in my adoptive home of Sweden, about -10 C (that’s 14 F!), and venturing outside puts me knee-deep in snow.

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Newsletter prepared for Willamette Intl Travel Agency, based in Portland, Ore.

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5 Great Destinations to Fly in a Balloon (that aren’t Cappadocia) | Willamette International Travel

Have you ever flown in a Hot Air Balloon? Imagine drifting at a languid pace, above a breathless landscape...

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A Field Guide to Elves & Trolls - Epic Iceland

From Tilberi to Gryla

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Buddhas & Boats on Inle Lake | Willamette International Travel

This month Myanmar is celebrating the graceful Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival on Inle Lake.

Moving to tokyo article

The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Tokyo • The Blonde Abroad

The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Tokyo • The Blonde ...